Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Step Up for Kids conference call

Children's advocates around Wyoming talked today to discuss plans for Step Up for Kids Day Sept. 16. Events that day around the state will raise public awareness of the issues challenging Wyoming's children.

Here's the agenda for the conference call joined by the advocates:

June 18, 2008 1 p.m.

I. Welcome

II. Purpose of the Sept. 16 event – Making America’s and Wyoming’s children a political priority
a. ECM’s role and plans of assistance
1. Website: http://ecm.soapbxxdev.com/Wyoming/About/Wyoming-Home.html
2. Signs and other materials)
b. Organizing community-by-community
1. Community captains
a. Obtain a permit to gather at the county courthouse
b. Contact local advocates to speak at the event and bring children and families
c. Invite candidates for local, state & national office to attend
d. Coordinate communication with local media about the event
2. Community stories
a. Most pressing children’s need or needs in each community
b. Photos
c. Releases

III. Messaging
a. Talking points – group review
1. First goal is to get Wyoming’s communities to talk about children’s issues
2. Second goal is to convince candidates and media to discuss these issues in this year’s political campaigns
b. Maintaining consistency – keep the message on target

IV. Financing
a. Small committee to assist Frey/Neal - voluneers
b. Identify potential sources

V. What’s next
a. Other ideas
b. Determine communication method for group
c. Set date of next meeting/call

VI. Adjourn